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...Behind James Burton and Brian is a special permanent display in the Auditorium honoring the legendary guitarist, complete with an ongoing showing of Orbison's "Black and White Night" video with Roy and James.

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Backstage at the June 2004 reopening of the "Louisiana Hayride"
- Municipal Auditorium in Louisiana - the original controls still in place.

... More on the Where and Why of Brian's visits to "The Cradle of the Stars" of Country Music.

...Brian's trying out a little ESP here - In one of the old offices sits this battered but still formidable safe. The cash that came through the box office was placed inside until the banks were open the next business day following performances - and over the years that the auditorium was closed, the combination to the safe disappeared.

...No one today knows what might still be in there...

from Brian's visit to the famed
"Louisiana Hayride" Auditorium,
including snapshots of the restored interior